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"What if every single softball player in the country had the opportunity to have a coach, mentor and someone to hold them accountable all at their fingertips?!"

Since launching that crazy idea on March 1st of 2019, ABT #SMASHTRIBE Academy Members FROM ALL AROUND THE COUNTRY have learned how to create softball goals for themselves, start mastering confidence within their game, and develop good training habits that THEY are taking ownership of!

We've already had athletes hit their very first home-run, become captains of their team, move up in the lineup, and some have even COMMITTED TO PLAY SOFTBALL IN COLLEGE!

Teaching softball players how to become the best version of THEMSELVES is my mission, and trust me, this is only the beginning.

This is exactly what you can expect with your ABT External link opens in new tab or window#SMASHTRIBE Academy Membership:

- DISCOUNTED 1-1 (virtual and in-person) Lessons

- Access to 20+ Hitting Drills

- Weekly Members-Only Hitting Academies
- Access to ALL ABT Courses
- Behind the scenes access to NEW Content and Courses
- Access to our Members Only Monthly LIVE Coaching External link opens in new tab or windowZoom Call
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...and we're only scratching the surface!

This online community is currently stacked with incredible athletes from east coast to west coast who are striving to build confidence, be exposed to new challenges, interact with athletes and parents just like them, and all we need now is YOU!


Are you ready to join us?


Meet me EVERY Monday LIVE on External link opens in new tab or windowFacebook and External link opens in new tab or windowInstagram at 3pm ET to TRAIN WITH ME LIVE!